We Consult

We evaluate your infrastructure’s architecture and controls then we identify where your business is most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.

We Mitigate

We take on the daily operation of securing your database and network 24.7.365. Our Managed Service Solution ensures that all threats are identified and blocked in real time.

We Manage

We have extensive practical experience in mitigating complex security breaches. Our response is prompt hence you reduce your recovery time, costs and damages.

Remediation Services

Structure. Order. Experience and Calm. These are the things that defines us when it comes to incident responses when a client has been breached.

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Research and Consultancy

What makes us unique? Our ability to provide the individual attention of a small firm with the deep resources and varied capabilities of a large firm.

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Digital Fraud Investigations

We consist of highly skilled computer forensic experts, investigators and litigation support specialists who can respond immediately, discreetly and comprehensively to serve you.

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Information Security Audit

The term “audit” can trigger shivers down the spine of the most battle-hardened manager. Financial audits are the most common examinations a business manager encounters. IT Audit are different.

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Managed Security Services

Budgets are tight. Skills are at a premium. And business imperatives like mobility, social media, web applications and big data can pose risks as well as inefficiencies if they’re not properly managed.

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Database Security Solutions

In terms of encryption techniques–an important approach to preventing data theft–more organizations are applying encryption against data in motion, but too few  encrypt all their data at rest.

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Who We Are

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Our Core Values

To be a Leading provider in Computer Security and Managed Services for Corporate and Government entities of all sizes all over the world..

We develop and apply High end Solutions in Computing and Computer Security to support Corporates and Government entities in Technology growth.

Continuous Improvement, Team Work, Honesty & Integrity, Customer focus