Digital Fraud Investigations

When computer evidence is needed to support your insurance investigation, civil/criminal discovery or computer security incident response, our computer forensic experts can help. We leverage state-of-the-art forensic technologies and expertise to assist you. Unyk is a unique group of highly skilled computer forensic experts, investigators, forensic accountants and litigation support specialists who can respond immediately, discreetly and comprehensively to serve your needs.

How can we help ?

Computer Security Incident Response

Any incident that threatens the security of your organization’s computer systems requires an immediate response. What kinds of threats exist?

  1. Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to a system or its data – even if unsuccessful
  2. Disruption or denial of service caused by unauthorized access
  3. Changes to system hardware or software without consent
  4. Violations of an explicit or implied security policy

Even the most secure information systems cannot guarantee that a security incident will never take place. Unyk’s Computer Security Incident Response group can help you:

  1. Identify vulnerable areas of the organization
  2. Recognize that a computer security breach has taken place
  3. Analyze what happened to mitigate future threats
  4. Respond to the incident to limit damage
  5. Recover by getting your systems back in operation

Computer Surveillance

During disputes, such as suspected fraud or embezzlement situations, confidentiality is critical to a successful resolution and protection of your company’s information, assets and reputation. We provide companies with covert surveillance of any computer system, which can identify the person using the computer and capture all activities performed, including:

  1. Programs executed
  2. Internet access
  3. Email usage
  4. Website/chat rooms visited
  5. Recording of all keystrokes

Our investigators work with you and your legal team to quickly and quietly gather the information needed to make an informed decision regarding litigation.

Data Breach Services

Does your organization collect and store information on individuals, clients, patients or employees? Most businesses do. What would happen if you had a data breach and that secure information fell into the wrong hands? Unyk will work with you to prevent a data breach from happening. If you do have a data leak, we’ll work with you to stop it and take the required steps to reduce your liabilities.

Digital Forensics

Digital information is one of the most valuable and proprietary assets of any company. New fraud schemes and the ability of users to alter, delete or manipulate data present a significant challenge for businesses today. Unyk computer forensic experts combine years of digital forensic experience and training with state-of-the-art forensic technologies and methodologies allowing for the recovery of electronic information and analysis of data from many types of digital devices, including: Computers PDAs Pagers Mobile/Cell Phones.

IT Director Outsourcing

Whether your company is unable to allocate resources to a full-time professional, needs an extra level of expertise or is in between full-time directors, our seasoned professionals can assume the role of IT Director in your organization. We offer guidance in the development of technological strategic plans, and also oversee network support, Internet security, LAN/WAN security and administration, PC support along with managing and performing day-to-day operations.

Banking Fraud Cases