Wannacry Virus far less dangerous than Petya

Hardly a few months back, multinational organizations were hit by WannaCry Ransomware. Currently a new ransomware called Petya has attacked prominent organizations. Ukraine PCs were first hacked by this ransomware. It has already attacked over 2,000 clients in Ukraine, Russia, France, USA and so on.

This ransomware has numerous similarities with WannaCry yet very different because of which WannaCry finished is absent in this ransomware. It isn’t clear yet how it attacks Computers, however it isn’t from emails definitely.

This ransomware reboots the OS and encodes all records. The payoff is $300 (Kshs 30,000) which as usual is in Bitcoin. After paying $300, victims have to send proofs on an email. In any case, after this likewise, records don’t decrypt. It is impossible to send mail to that email in light of the fact that the service provider flags the emails and blocks the culprit. With the untraceability of Bitcoins it becomes nearly impossible for law enforcement agencies to investigate.