Managed Security Services

UNYK Solutions have partnered with Symantec to provide Managed Security Services. Whether you’re challenged with meeting IT budget demands, fighting new threat adversaries, or are just looking for more efficiency around your compliance and security initiatives, we understand that all businesses are different, and that’s why our Managed Security Services are designed for that kind of flexibility.

Threats are growing more hostile. Budgets are tight. Skills are at a premium. And business imperatives like mobility, social media, web applications and big data can pose risks as well as inefficiencies if they’re not properly managed. Shared security managed services can help you solve these challenges and close that gap – through integrated technologies, unparalleled threat intelligence, and highly flexible managed services designed to meet the unique demands of your business.

What does it involve ?

Threat Management

Fight cybercrime with our threat intelligence, detection, protection and remediation services

  1. Managed Threat Analysis
  2. Managed SIEM
  3. Managed Anti-Malware
  4. Managed Network Access Control
  5. Managed Email Security
  6. Managed UTM
  7. Managed Encryption
  8. Managed Two-Factor Authentication
  9. Managed Endpoint Protection
  10. Managed IDS/IPS
  11. Firewall Management
  12. Incident Response & Readiness
  13. SSL Certificate Management

Vulnerability Management

Proactively scan, test and remediate application, database and network vulnerabilities to protect your data

  1. Managed Security Testing
  2. Managed Web Application Firewall
  3. Database & Big Data Scanning
  4. Application Scanning
  5. Network Vulnerability Scanning

Compliance Management

Identify and deploy security best practices and reduce risk with our multi-compliance framework

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. PCI Compliance
  3. PCI Compliance Validation
  4. Compliance Management
  5. Security Awareness Education

Are you challenged with limited staff and budget resources ?

Then you’re looking for ways to simplify your program, operationalize your expenses, and keep your team focused on business priorities. With packaged solution bundles, expert management and automated tools, we remove your day-to-day complexity of compliance and data protection, so you can get back to what you’re passionate about – your business.

Do you have advanced security and compliance demands ?

Then you probably have a dedicated security team, but you may need augmentation in key areas to help you evolve processes, elevate data protection strategies, or advance the way you manage threats. With deep security expertise and unmatched threat intelligence, we will design a program that supports your specific needs, while giving you complete visibility and control.

From small local businesses to large global enterprises, we work with hundreds of thousands of customers around the world to solve their security and compliance challenges, enhance resources and support, and drive their business forward.

Our Security Solutions portfolio is powered by:

  1. Our deep expertise in advanced security technologies
  2. Threat Intelligence built in to our services
  3. “Follow the Threat” global Security Operations Centers
  4. 24x7x365 support and dedicated security analysts
  5. Our cloud-based Security management portal

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