Research and Consultancy

What makes us unique? Our ability to provide the individual attention of a small firm with the deep resources and varied capabilities of a large firm.

Successful executive leadership usually comes down to the strength of the team you surround yourself with and the effectiveness of the decisions you make. The Unyk Experience helps you lead in both areas. Our team becomes an objective and independent extension of yours—delivering our perspective on your Technology issues. You can count on our experience, passion and skills to help you make and implement wise decisions with confidence.

To really help a client’s business, we need to understand the “situation” they’re in. That requires industry expertise—and a wealth of experience with operations like ours. Unyk consultants are skilled specialists who come in with a point of view from a different perspective, but listen to you in order to truly understand your situation and needs.

When you lack the internal resources to meet the demands of enterprise security management, a partner in information security consulting can fill the gaps. Each of our information security consulting specialists is committed to performing research, developing solutions, working with clients to solve specific security issues and pioneering new approaches to cyber security.

Our Information Security Consulting Services

Information security consulting from Unyk includes the following IT security services:-

  1. Security Program Strategy services to design, build and run the optimal security program for your organization
  2. Enterprise Risk and Compliance services that leverage risk and compliance strategies to help make your organization more secure and resilient
  3. Threat and Vulnerability Management services that provide hands-on expertise to identify threats, remediate vulnerabilities and solve specific security challenges
  4. Enterprise Incident Management services with information security consulting from malware experts that can help you quickly move from crisis to continuity
  5. Security Architecture and Implementation services that help to navigate complex environments and provide maximum value for your security projects
  6. Education and Awareness services to train personnel in behavior that can improve security and reduce risk
  7. Identity and Access Management services to ensure your network is accessed only by trusted people and devices
  8. Managed Security Services that add expertise and hands-on help to your security team

Key Security Trends